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Gigs is dedicated to treating people, well, like people. Because you’re not code in a system to match to another code. You’ve got a life and goals and standards and experience. By bridging the gap between humanity and opportunity, we’re ensuring that you get more seamless access to job opportunities, not just geographically, but in alignment with your skills, aspirations, and lifestyle needs. Because you’re a real person, remember? We do. And that’s what guides us.

Our Values

Listing it like it is

We believe in honesty and clarity. By enabling companies to comprehensively detail job roles, job seekers fully understand the requirements and fit for their profiles. It’s kind of like oversharing, but in a good way.

Getting better by the click

Our advanced matching algorithms connect job seekers with positions that really resonate with their skills and experiences. We use a soft redirect system that gets better as it learns which jobs you’re liking, making every click more productive than the last.

Time is money. So save time.

By focusing on industry experience and compatibility, we save time for both employers and applicants, creating more valuable interactions. As anyone will tell you, it’s about quality over quantity. So why do the other job search boards serve you so much crap? Weird.


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